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Steel Mailbox Company - Help You Stop Identity Theft ! Locking Mailbox  - Identity Theft Solution - Protect Your Good Name!

Mail theft is an epidemic in some parts of the country, and a dangerous threat everywhere else.If you think it’s a bad idea to leave your sensitive financial, social security, and other personal information unprotected out on the street in an unlocked mailbox, then you need a locking mailbox. Did you know that  nearly $50 billionis lost to fraudulent scams every year? Unfortunately, many individuals on domestic and international scales make a living off of preying on people’s finances. Fortunately, there are a lot of measures we can take to protect ourselves from falling victim to these scams. For this reason,we felt it was our duty to spread awareness on many of the common types of fraud, and the best safeguarding measures to take. By increasing awareness on this topic, we can help ensure that we are all one step ahead of these criminals.